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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

One Day More into Ramadhan!

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Ahlan wa sahlan ya Ramadhan
The day of the blessing day, the day of happiness, the day of all our good deeds will be a big presents for next akhiraah..

I really exciting to welcome the day. I really nervous for meet the day. May Allah give us chance to meet the day..

Oh Ramadhan.. i miss you so much..

Ramadhan is a new life for us to recover all our deeds.. we suggested to increase our activities to be maximum and add new habits that make us be a better person..

Ramadhan is a good day
Ramadhan is a loving day
Ramadhan is a blessing day

Ya Allah.. give us chance to meet Ramadhan and be a better person than yesterday


In shaa Allah.. i'll posting new post every day special for this month.. i hope i can do it..


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Gak usah ragu-ragu buat ninggalin jejak disini, karena gw rasa kita sama-sama satu nasib satu sepenanggungan sebagai manusia paling galau di dunia.. huehuee